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"We're Always At Square One"

I'm pretty good at slowing down ... until I'm not.

Sitting here by the fire on a cold night in New Hampshire, cozy, wearing my new grey cable knit sweater (something not familiar to my California wardrobe!), I am reflecting on the professional shift I am creating. For decades I have been a professional coach and consultant in a variety of settings, and now the passion from youth for creating art is strongly resonating.

All Life is art if lived from the vantage point of creativity. So, as I have asked my clients over these many years, "What do I want?". What is my authentic self expression now, at this time in my life? What keeps calling, from Center to circumference, is the creation of non-verbal communications: painting/mixed media/fabric/sculpture/pottery ... even some writing in a more poetic vein.

One would think that this would be an easy transition, especially since I know in what direction I am headed. Yet it is so interesting how the old habitual patterns of operating, created for a different and previous professional expression, keep pulling for return. Brain patterns - plain and simple ... or, simple and complex.

However!! What state of mind creates a new pattern?! Ah!! Accessing the reflective genius of a quiet mind, even for moments at a time, glimpses at a time, unfolds eventually as a new pattern.

Patience; Slowing down; Being with the unknown infused by the desire of authentic self-expression, brings insight. It is easier here by the fire in my new grey cable knit.

Ease brings comfort, which allows for the deepening of authenticity. It is happening ... it is emerging. It has it's own timetable for manifestation directly relational to my own resistance.

There will be more art, less words. At least it feels like that - less words feels deeper, more quenching, more full of meaningful communication than audible communication can express. Not that I'll stop talking, mind you, just hopefully with less verbosity.

Is this the beginning of the "Golden Years"?! I think myself too young!! And still I see the promise implicit in reflecting on outer expression as a possible portal into inner peace. If inner peace is implicit in "Golden Years", well then, bring 'em on!

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