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“… All healing transmutation takes place in the Silence. Through the practice of quieting the thinking process, we can turn our attention away from the cacophony of incessant thinking that passes through and practice listening to the quietness, listening to and for the Silence; there is a sound to It.

Listen for the profundity of the Silence. It has a resonance; It has a frequency. Listen until you hear It, as It is equally-everywhere-present and always available. We look at each other through It. Cultivate an affinity with the Source, with the Silence. It is the only ballast that we can depend on, and It requires no guru outside of yourself.

The Silence is the Guru, and It lives eternally through each of us, waiting to receive our attention so that It can find expression uniquely as us, every individual. All hopes are possible manifestations through cultivating this affinity with the Silence.

 “Never tell anyone they can’t do something, for God may have been waiting centuries for someone who didn’t know that.”

~ The Reverend Kathryn Jarvis

There is an evolutionary benefit to cultivating a state of mind that is permeated with a deep and unflappable sense of knowing that, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, there is hopefulness and an inherent order which moves toward positive change. Such knowing augments a life, no matter what the conditions. As an individual cultivates this stance, this intimacy with the Silence, there is a resonance of hopeful certainty which permeates his/her presence and is felt by others, elevating the mood however subtly.

© 2014 From: THE INWARD OUTLOOK ™ by Laura Basha, PhD

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