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“Introduction” and “Chapter I” of Dr. Basha’s Book

“Is there any area in your life in which you would like some insight to facilitate moving forward? Any area in which you feel entangled and would like to experience freedom? Any circumstance or condition which seems so serious that it sometimes feels hopeless?

If you could experience relief in that area, if you could see it more lightly and see the humor in the midst of the challenge, if you could even have an epiphany about it, seeing it as the perfect set-up to have exactly what you want, would you be interested?

The intent of this book is for you, the reader, to have such an experience, or at least come away with a shift in perspective which genuinely entertains—in spite of appearances to the contrary—the possibility of hope for the probability of transformation.

This experience allows us to view life from a neutral stance of alignment with our true personality, our innate authenticity, perceiving circumstances and conditions from a larger order— a “bigger picture” if you will— than what was previously entertained. …

A transformational shift would be one in which a fundamental shift in perspective takes place. How can one take an inspirational and lighthearted insight and sustain it throughout a time-constrained and stressful day? How does one then sustain it through the next day, and the next, so that it carries with it its own rejuvenation, building a new foundation upon which to greet not only one’s day but one’s world? And if one could do this, how impactful would it be, and in what way?

We will explore the deeper implications of … sustained well-being, and reflect on this perspective as it reveals  a continuum of thought. This continuum represents a depth of understanding regarding the nature of what is effective and influential, as opposed to what appears to be influential but is actually illusion.

… We will explore the positive transformational shifts which awaken each of us to become healthy, creative, joyful, and authentically self-expressed human beings. We will recognize our innate and profound capacities for compassionate wisdom, resilience, and insight, all the while fostering lightheartedness, health, and well-being.”

“By bringing about a certain inner discipline, we can undergo a transformation of our attitude, our entire outlook and approach to living. When we speak of this inner discipline, it can of course involve many things, many methods. But generally speaking, one begins by identifying those factors which lead to happiness and those factors which lead to suffering. Having done this, one then sets about gradually eliminating those factors which lead to suffering and cultivating those which lead to happiness. That is the way.”

~  His Holiness The Dalai Lama

The concept of achieving true happiness has seemed elusive and mysterious to people for centuries, almost like a fortunate but fleeting fluke. The principles underlying the … approach [laid out in this book] are not new, certainly they are to be found in some of the oldest spiritual disciplines available. However, …[this] paradigm articulates age-old spiritual law into understandable language for the western intellect. In this paradigm, East not only meets West, but blends.

Truth is Truth: never changing, constant, reliable. Learning to articulate Truth for our own evolution of consciousness is a testament to ever deeper understanding. It seems that more and more people are cultivating an interest, listening for a deeper understanding of what lies behind the creation of our life experience, thirsting for ballast, as the old ways of manipulating the third dimension fail to produce fulfillment.”

© 2014 From: THE INWARD OUTLOOK ™ by Laura Basha, PhD

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