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"The Creative Process:  A Portal to ‘Not-Knowing’”

~ the Non-Verbal Language of Transformation ~

Resistance and the Alchemy of Transformation

“The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off”.  ~ The EST Training

In every creation of or for something bigger than the way we have previously perceived, is there not the experience of resistance? We begin with what we know, and what we think the creation, purpose, or commitment is. And then as we deepen our alignment with our authentic self, the identity raises its seductive and irresistible head of invalidating reason in equal ratio to the authenticity. All sorts of logical explanation expresses. “If you need a reason, any reason will do” reverberates from transformation days of old. The practice of listening with nothing on your mind, the practice of being fascinated with what you don’t know, allows for a relaxing of the resistance just long enough to hear a new word to express more deeply, more authentically, the promise for the world that is yours. Without focus on the intellect, listening deeply to the intangible resonance of the authentic commitment informs you of its articulation in words.

I am currently in the midst of painting a new painting: “The Alchemist”. The alchemist has accessible to herself all the elements of the universe. Certain combinations of certain elements will result in the transformation of the elements into gold. The creatively self-expressed human being, in this case the artist (and I include myself here, in the midst of creating this painting) has available to herself all the elements of the creative process and has the privileged opportunity of choosing the exact combination which will create the artistic piece or the particular desired result. Sometimes the right elements are unknown, just as oftentimes the right solutions are unknown. Allowing the process of not-knowing through the practice of quieting one’s thinking and becoming present to the sound of silence has one enter into the creative realms of all possibility. This, coupled with expertise of one’s craft, has one able to express those creative realms.

“By dropping your inner resistance to the noise, by allowing it to be as it is, this acceptance also takes you into that realm of inner peace that is stillness … True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found.”

~ Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks, pp. 6-7

We are so afraid of the unknown. Such trepidation is understandable, when we consider the internal alchemical process in which we are engaged as we put our foot on the path of transformation. Henceforth, we are all alchemists in the laboratory of our lives. We must generate courage born of commitment in order to create a commitment to possibility for the world that flies in the face of entrenched discourses, discourses which have survived the assaults of history and the weathering of time.

Our authentically articulated purpose expressions are projections into form, individually emerging from the collective vision that humanity could create a world where every human being is fulfilled, with no one left out.

The identity has created itself in reaction to known circumstances, so it dupes us into re-creating those circumstances with the myopic grid we have nurtured as an overlay draping our eyeballs. Life doesn’t really have a chance to be authentically seen in this case, as we interpret our experience through this grid, resulting in everything occurring to us as being personally related. The grid is of our making, so seeing things through the grid would automatically contaminate them with the logic of the grid, i.e., our own personally constructed story. Consequently, everything that occurs, everything that is said or done, every comment or opinion, seems personally related to us, which inspires the seed of reactivity. It occurs as obvious from the perspective of this grid, that we are justified in our righteous indignation.

Perhaps the resistance we experience in causing ourselves to self-actualize, is actually the fear of an identity, a self-created though limiting persona, not knowing how to be present in a circumstance that bears no relation to the originating circumstance around which it constructed itself.

But who did the constructing? It couldn’t be the identity, as the identity, the persona if you will, is itself the resulting construct. Perhaps in listening for what we don’t know, we are allowing ourselves to stand in the clearing of all possibility, the alchemist’s realm of choice with all the elements of the universe available to us, and we then have the charge of interpreting the symbols, the life experiences, that lay in front of us.

The process of creating an authentic purpose is tantamount to delving deep into the silt to find the gold of the authentic self-expression of one’s essence, that which assimilated the identity in the first place. Alchemy takes place first through the alchemist.

“The difficulties of our … work teach us to take truth, goodness, and beauty where we find them. They are not always found where we look for them: often they are hidden in the dirt or are in the keeping of the dragon. ”

~  Carl Jung, The Psychology of the Transference,  p. 25

This is the power inherent in accessing the creative realm of authentic self-expression. This creative realm can be accessed anywhere needed in life experience, as Life Itself emanates from this realm. One’s life and one’s authentic self-expression becomes the art form.

“Life is greater than all art. I would go even further and declare that the man whose life comes nearest to perfection is the greatest artist; for what is art without the sure foundation and framework of a noble life?”                                                                                              


The more we understand the important role of resistance and the workings of the identity as it creates resistance that appears so real, the more we can tolerate the breakdowns that must occur in order to be dissolved and transmuted into breakthroughs.

What does it really feel like to be creating an accelerated life of possibility? Of course the identity is confronted because possibility unfolds by being present in the Now, and identity is the resultant expression of aligning with memory. Standing in the Now is really what is required for engaging the creative process. What happens to us when we are confronted and experience resistance could be seen as symbolic that we are on the right path. Transformation takes something.

Life is full of metaphors. In fact, one might even venture to say that in each person's individual life experience, every occurrence is a metaphor of whatever needs to be seen next for one's own evolutionary process.

We can utilize the arts of theatre or writing, painting or music or dance to gain access to deeper understanding and insight of life’s symbols and metaphors through the feelings they are eliciting; as images, they can trigger certain resonances that lie deep within the memory. These feelings then later coalesce into cognitive form as words which occur as insight. What does the naked eye see? This way of looking from the naked eye is a stance that could be utilized cross-culturally, cross-gender, cross-generationally. And isn’t this the unspoken commitment inherent in our articulated personal purposes: global transformation.

The most powerful way to actualize a personal purpose is to BE the purpose. This is the non-verbal language that is invisible and silent, yet so loud that it radiates and penetrates the environment with its resonance as soon as we simply show up. The work takes place within us. 

Universal Application

The concept of a universal application of considering non-verbal symbols as the language of transformation makes sense from the perspective that you would see any symbol within the context of your own culture. The symbols of your own culture would be for the most part known to or available to you to explore. You would interpret the experience as symbolically and metaphorically meaningful within the context of your own cultural perspective, thus informing you of your answer or insight or revelation.

Certain symbols have universal meaning, regardless of education, social standing, culture, gender or generational stance. A “dwelling” can be communicated in a number of different symbols and universally perceived, e.g., a house or a hut or a tent. A bird in flight has a universal symbolic meaning of “transcendence”. Research shows that certain symbols express certain meaning and can resonate on very deep levels which the cognitive functions do not identify but to which the common thread of humanity resonates. The circle, for example, the mandala, is one of the oldest symbols in human history and communicates cross-culturally wholeness, completeness, infinity.

Being present in the listening of stillness, of the silence, of not-knowing, brings the truth of our common humanity to the fore. Listening from the “naked eye” has us resonate with the realms of compassion, humility, generosity, and contribution. Thus we emanate grace. Our very presence then has us sought after and in demand for being a remarkable human being. This is at the heart of every authentic personal purpose for the world.

What if being a “remarkable human being” was no longer remarkable? What if we were sought after and in demand for the very ordinary magnificence that is the hallmark of the authentically expressed human being?

What if by our very presence born of alignment with our own personal purpose, inside the clearing space of the unknown, we were the catalysts for the other, resonating to the commonality of remarkable, the commonality of magnificent? Choices would then be made for the benefit of all concerned.

What if by our very ordinary and remarkable presence we emanated the common thread hidden within great inspirational art? What if by our very ordinary and remarkable presence we radiated the possibility of human life experience being the acme of the fine arts? Standing in the clearing of accumulated personal purposes, we could very well radiate for humanity a new realm of masterful living, with no one and nothing left out.   

Excerpt from white paper by Laura Basha, Ph.D.

Conference for Global Transformation, May 2010

“Best Paper” Award

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