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Tucked away in the rolling hillsides of San Ramon, California, an Ashram (spiritual monastery) awaits to greet us with its temple, guest houses, orchards, gardens, and a swan-inhabited lake. This... read more
evolve - 6-7-13
When surrounded by the stormy sea of anger, how do we find our compassion? This piece makes my 9th attempt of writing my blog post for this week. I have sat staring into a blank screen hoping... read more
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Many come and many leave this vital planet of ours. While we are here in this life, some among us leave a legacy and imprint of their existence upon us. This is the case of those who live a life... read more
Transitions are a natural process of our lives, yet we are not always ready for them. We know transitions to be a period of time where change occurs, taking us from one state or a condition to... read more
A couple of weeks ago, I welcomed each of you to evōxTelevision and our Brand Categories. I also shared that I am bringing to you the evōxEvolve Category of our Brand. Today, I would like to... read more
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Welcome friends to evox Television, where your life, and that of your family, your community and the world matter. We have been created to serve you. I am Banafsheh Akhlaghi and a founding... read more
I had the honor of meeting author Robert Holden recently when we both spoke at the Hay House IGNITE event in San Jose, CA (which was an amazing experience, by the way).  Robert is someone whom I... read more