Two Cute Moose
~ from: "The Far Side" by Gary Larson I am a change agent. I call myself a consultant, but, I am a change agent, an agent for change. I have always loved the Gary Larson cartoon that... read more
Networking. It occurs for each of us differently, but for many it is a chore, a bore, and a tor...ture. We do better holding up the wall at a party than introducing ourselves around, would rather... read more
Lion Blog
This week’s reality check comes courtesy of the lion. Lions have been a symbol of strength and bravery for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Richard the Lion Heart is one of the more famous... read more
Speeding Up
This month’s reality check is about speeding up to slow down and comes to us courtesy of some anonymous driver in LA who inspired the post. Next time you’re driving, see if this happens…You’re... read more
Book is birthing ...
THE BIRTHING OF A BOOK I will be completing my first book and sending it to the publisher this month. It has been a long process! I find I struggle with writing in a very similar way that I... read more
Don't mess with young people. Climate change is being taken very seriously by the youth around us. It is their futures we tinker with when we make short-sighted decisions about pipelines and... read more
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You don't have to be sick to feel better, and you don't have to have an empty life to find inspiration and innovation every a beautiful weekend in April. New Living Expo. It's the... read more
Mark Twain
(Mark Twain...looking worried) This week’s reality check - or, as I like to call it, “whack upside the head with the Frozen Fish of Reality” (Google Monty Python's Fish Slapping Dance for the... read more
April EVOX Blog Photo
REVELATION It was my birthday last month, and I wanted to spend the day with my husband, simply, in the quietness of a nearby majestic grove of redwood trees, followed by dinner at a favorite... read more