Cheryl focuses on the factors that will get your passion through the roof, like making a list of 50 items you can do now, not someday when you have enough money, the right relationship or lose weight...
Tree with Orange Leaves
Having just spent the last week in New Hampshire, I was inspired by the few remnants of fall foliage that were still pulsating their color outward. I pulled over while driving to capture a photo... read more
trio of three white, neutral masks on black background
'Tis the season for masks and haunts and shadows and hidden, frightening things. I LOVE this Halloween holiday, and every cheesy, spooky element of it. I may be forced into shake-my-head mode at... read more
child's drawing Nina Pinta Santa Maria Columbus Day
I have moved across the country a couple of times, and it still surprises me, this particular day of the year, how, in the West, Columbus Day is not a thing, but in several places on the East... read more
hazy sunset over San Francisco Bay
“One of the elders used to say: In the beginning when we got together we used to talk about something that was good for our souls, and we went up and up, and ascended even to heaven. But now we... read more
sillhouette hands in shape of heart with sun over water in between
By Yessenia Funes / YES! Magazine The Nonviolence Handbook teaches that when we exhibit patience and refrain from criticizing others harshly, we're building nonviolent potential...resisting... read more
Businesses are becoming more interested in meditation, it’s increasingly seen as a practical method for stress reduction. More and more businesses and managers are becoming interested in... read more
cornucopia, harvest vegetables and gourds on table
Today is the autumnal equinox--the beginning of a season many people find complex. There is an interesting duality to fall, and the equality of the equinox, when the sun crosses the celestial... read more
Follow Your Bliss
“Follow your bliss." This was the advice that mythology scholar, professor and author Joseph Campbell used to give his students at Sarah Lawrence College, and the words that millions heard... read more