black and white image of smooths stones lined in water
“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I have been reflecting on simplicity for some time. Simplicity seems... read more
Venus Flytrap pod open to pink inside
You are a genius, and you have a lot of really good ideas every day. But, chances are, you’re not writing them down. And the life span of an unrecorded idea is. . . well, it’s pretty short. So... read more
adult mentor and student seen through window
Have you ever given thought to how people have influenced your life? How have your family, friends, peers, and coworkers contributed in shaping you into the person that you are today? In this post I’... read more
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In my work, I’ve noticed that there are many moments when a client feels like nothing is happening. I work with women who desire a deep, fundamental change in their relationship with themselves... read more
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“It’s big, R.J.! Big!” says the screenwriter to the old-time Hollywood producer. Your vision may also have first appeared to you in breathtaking Cinemascope and stereophonic sound. But you... read more
upset woman over dropped ice cream cone
She asked me if I was ready to let go of feeling disappointed all the time. I looked at her, blinking with disbelief. I didn’t really understand what the heck she was talking about. “Are you ready... read more
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October! Growing up on the East coast, October was always my favorite month. This seems to be true for many people, as the vibrant fall colors are so beautiful, even sometimes spectacular,... read more
"BUT IT WAS MY GRANDMOTHER’S!” Just in case you think I’m immune from that refrain, today’s challenge is all about this particular story. I have a cedar chest that my mother says belonged to my... read more
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It isn’t the prettiest aspect of your personality, but there it is:  jealousy. Ick. How very seventh-grade of you. But all of us, no matter how far beyond seventh grade we’ve gotten, feel... read more