silhouette of woman practicing yoga outdoors
In Yoga and Ayurveda we often seek a fixed or set experience of perfect health.  As a newcomer to Ayurveda, we try to understand the 3 constitutional types, or Doshas, and may have the idea... read more
feathered dream catcher with sun behind
by Jocelyn Mercado | Pachamama Alliance Dreams are a mystery. Scientists still cannot explain with any certainty why we dream. Dreams are magical, linking us to another world full of wisdom... read more
woman from back standing in surf, arms outstretched
And as you stand there Hands clasped in front of you Eyes downcast Concealing the disobedient pounding of your heart It dawns on you: Here we go again. And while you no longer allow... read more
silhouette of lone hiker at dawn
Poet, philosopher and naturalist Henry David Thoreau had definite ideas about how to live a better life. They can all be summed up in one word: simplify. Thoreau is quoted ... read more
to do list with pen and calendar
Get out a piece of paper and write “Could Do” at the top. I like “could-do” lists because I find “to-do” lists too dictatorial. They make me feel pressured and... read more
silhouette of audience at rock concert, hands in air
Here’s another hard truth: your talent doesn’t entitle you to anything. You will not be surprised to learn that talent is not enough. Every artist is (or believes herself to be) talented.... read more
rear view of woman overlooking cliffs and harbor
“I would ask you, Julie, who are the seagulls in your life? How can you emulate the pelican behavior?" This was Beverly Winterscheid, the founding partner of Center for Nature and Leadership, and... read more
male and female hands make shape of heart
When author and Nobel Prize winner V.S. Naipaul was still a boy in Colonial Trinidad, there was one opportunity to leave the island: a full scholarship to Oxford or to Cambridge. All the academically... read more
woman open hands in moody lighting
And as you stand there On time and Appropriately clad for the event With a high-fiber bar in your bag And extra pens Let us take this moment to applaud you. You, the prepared. You, the... read more