pink sheets hanging like ghosts
Another block to creativity are the ghosts of failures past. A client once told me, “I’m afraid to get my work out there because the last time I tried, I was sabotaged and betrayed by a group... read more
stone tunnel in Italy with light at end
“There are no facts that limit possibility, there are only conversations that limit or create possibility. Language shapes the way we think, the way we live our lives, and it gives us hands-on... read more
elderly hands on a map
When I think of courage, I often think of my mother ­ as she sat patiently attempting to thread her sewing needle in a dimly lit room, ceiling light beckoning for a new and brighter bulb.... read more
coffee cup before two men talking
It was a cool, spring night and I was sitting alone in a café when a man sat down beside me. At first I judged him; he seemed restless and I felt that my space had been a bit impinged upon, but soon... read more
woman blow drying hair with hair covering face
And as you stand there Late again Because you forgot to allow time to park And the elevator was slow And you left 10 minutes late to begin with With your shoes that pinch And your pants... read more
sea gulls in red sky
Our connections with our children are deeply intertwined with every level of our being. When our child suffers, we suffer. We feel what they feel, and they feel what we feel. We can act as if... read more
close up wheels of BMX mountain bikes
“I’m hoping my routine will break me out of my rut. If I keep spinning my wheels, I’m bound to become a bicycling champion.” ~ Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE Over the last... read more
ONE WAY signs pointing all directions
I’ve never met a single-discipline artist. Every creative person I know says things like, “Well, I’m a writer. But I also sing in a choir and play bass guitar and drums and embroider and do... read more
fish in deep indigo water
Take a moment to close your eyes and take three breaths. Simply get a sense of yourself as you breathe in and out. Gently let your eyelids fall and allow the sensation of breathing to prevail.... read more