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Debunking The Diets 

The no-carbohydrates diet, the Atkins diet, the raw food diet, keto, paleo; there are so many popular fad diets out there that promise quick weight-loss and involve radical changes to our lifestyle. It's not, however, about cutting out the bad stuff; it's all about balancing out our eating habits and augmenting this with exercise. According to studies by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who avoided fatty foods but focused on eating more vegetables and fruit lost 20% more weight than those just cutting out the high-fat content foods. If you want an all-round healthier lifestyle that's high in nutrition and vitamins, then don't just simply cut out certain food groups. Exercising, having balanced meals, and counting calories are the ways achieve this.

Trendy Diets Might Not Be As Nutritious As You Think

Whilst you could argue that diets become popular for a reason, many fad diets don't incorporate a balanced lifestyle. For instance, take the low-sugar diet. It's great to cut down on sugars, however, to balance this out, we have to make sure our body is getting plenty of natural sugars to keep us energized - such as those from fruits. That's why it's important to debunk various misconceptions about diets that claim to be a quick and easy method of losing weight. Yes, you may lose weight slightly quicker, however many of these diets don't compensate for making sure you're eating balanced meals, are watching portion sizes, and are augmenting your eating habits with an equally active and healthy exercise plan.

Keep It Balanced With Food And Exercise

The key to a balanced diet is to make sure your daily intake includes whole grains, fruits and vegetables, proteins (either in beans and pulses, or lean meat), and dairy (or plant-based substitutes) for minerals and vitamins. Stick to these groups, and keep your portion sizes relative to your body mass, and you'll be on the road to a healthy lifestyle without all the fuss of fad diet cookbooks and pedantic meal-planning. However, it's imperative to augment your new eating regime with exercise. Most studies, including one published by The Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry, conclude that in the early stages of weight loss in particular, exercise is imperative. Moreover, exercise increases your metabolism, meaning that you will burn far more fats and calories from your body after a workout.

Having a balanced, healthy, and nutritious lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult. Throw away those fad diet cookbooks and remember to watch your food groups, portion sizes, and incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Although it's simple, keeping things balanced is the only diet you need.

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