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“What do you do for fun?” That’s a pretty basic question, but I find that I have difficulty answering it. I’ve been asked it at least twice within the last couple of weeks and both times I struggled to find an answer.

I do enjoy hiking, and I’ve written several posts about it in my Take A Hike series, but hikes like that are few and far between. It’s not like I spend my average weekends going on amazing adventures. I enjoy a nice craft beer from any number of the local Portland breweries, but telling people that I like to drink beer for fun is not an ideal answer either.

The truth is, I have blended my hobby and my work together. Would it be bad to say that I work for fun? I think that I would get strange looks from most people if I said that. I do enjoy what I do, and find that most of my waking day is spent towards furthering my “Be Everywhere” fitness strategy. I’m either training people, working on my health and fitness, writing on my blog, filming and editing video, marketing, or working in some capacity to further my fitness business, and yes… it is a sunup to sundown endeavor.

Work-Life Balance

You’ll hear a lot of people talk about work-life balance. What does that actually mean? To me, the thought of that takes me back to my desk job days, where I would spend my work day clocking hours for someone else, and when 4 PM rolled around I would become the real me. You know, the one that doesn’t live in khaki pants and polo shirts.

Even the word balance seems to imply a precarious situation. I recently watched a video where entrepreneur Mitch Joel spoke about this topic. I’m sure that video led me to this post today as I analyzed what he talked about in comparison with my life. Add in the question “what do you do for fun” that I’ve received lately, and now I’ve got a full-blown dilemma!

To horribly paraphrase Mitch, he talks about a stool having three legs on which it balances. You can imagine that each one of these legs could be an aspect of your life: family, self, career. All three of these legs are required in order for the stool to balance appropriately and function.

The entrepreneur lives according to a different set of rules though. The work-life balance paradigm has evolved as social media, 24-hour communication, and the internet have changed the way we live and do business. Instead of work-life balance, we must now seek a work-life blend.

This idea appeals to me. When you do what you love for a living, shutting off at 5 o’clock and becoming your “other self” does not seem practical.

What Do You Do?

Trying to put this into perspective for myself, it seems that I might be rationalizing my lack of social life outside of work, and the absence of family from my life. As I inhabit the later half of my thirties, the thought of spending my forties raising small children does not appeal to me, and I find it increasingly unlikely that I’ll create a family of my own.

Sometimes weeks go by before I catch up with my parents and siblings on the phone, and Facebook seems to be my number one source of communication with anyone who I do not work with and see daily.

Whether I’m balancing or blending, I still feel like I might have a disconnect somewhere. What does it all mean? Does anything need to be done about it? Will immersing myself ever deeper into my yoga practice allow me to find peace with whatever outcome?

Maybe it’s a first world problem, and I should just be grateful to be me, where I am. Still, I can’t help but wonder “What do you do for fun?”

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Johnny Nasello is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and nationally recognized expert group fitness instructor living in Portland, Oregon. Keep up with his current trainings, classes, insights, and ridiculously awesome Online Bootcamp and Yoga program at his blog www.johnnyfit.com.

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