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It is common for people to feel tired for a number of different reasons. Feeling fatigued can lead to achey muscles, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and more. Some individuals may try to overcome their feeling of being tired by consuming large amounts of caffeine or energy drinks. It is important for people to realize they can increase their energy using natural methods.


It's possible for a person to be tired due to a magnesium deficiency. It's estimated that magnesium is necessary for hundreds of biochemical reactions in a person's body. It is essential for breaking down glucose into energy. A person can make certain their body is getting enough magnesium by eating more fish as well as increasing their intake of whole grains and adding a handful of cashews, almonds, or hazelnuts to their diet.

Drink Water

Many people are tired because they don't have enough fluid in their system. Hydration is usually not able to be achieved by regularly having sugary or caffeinated drinks. Properly hydrating requires drinking water. Having a sufficient amount of water has been known to enhance physical performance as well as reduce a person’s sense of fatigue.

Eat Breakfast

There have been a number of studies that have shown that people who regularly eat breakfast are in better moods as well as enjoying sufficient amounts of energy during the day. When a person wakes up, they've been asleep for hours. The length of time since their body last had food may have been significant. Researchers believe a good breakfast will supply the body with the necessary fuel that will determine their energy level all during the day.

Vitamin B-6

A recent study published in the Journal of Royal Medicine demonstrates the link between a decreased level of Vitamin B-6 and experiencing chronic fatigue. The study concluded that foods rich with Vitamin B-6 such as sweet potatoes, garlic, hazelnuts, wild tuna, bananas, and more help prevent or significantly decrease fatigue. When study participants consumed more foods high in B-6; their energy levels increased.

Energizing Oils

There are numerous essential oils that can be successfully used to increase energy. Lemon oil has a strong citrus scent most people find revitalizing. Lime oil is able to provide essential antioxidants resulting in greater energy. Many people find Eucalyptus oil to be stimulating as well as refreshing and more.

Keep Moving

Many people believe that moving when they feel fatigued is only going to make them feel even more tired. According to research, the opposite is true. Studies show that when a person increases their physical activity, their energy increases. Experiments conducted by California State University show that when engaged in walking for a minimum of ten minutes; energy levels increase significantly. This energy increase lasts a few hours.

Control Stress

It has been shown that emotions will use significant amounts of energy. A person needs to identify the stress in their life and work to decrease or eliminate it. Many people have had success with relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation, and others. Some people have been able to decrease the stress in their life by speaking with friends or relatives about problems as well as joining a support group and more.


It's possible for a person to feel fatigued and want a quick energy fix. They may attempt to boost their energy with something unhealthy like eating something sugary or having a drink with a lot of caffeine in it. People need to know that natural and healthy methods for boosting energy are just as effective.

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