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Mental health concerns have been on the rise, especially right now with a rough start to 2020 worldwide. The fear, anxiety, and stress that permeate your brain can have a far-reaching impact on your health and life quality. 

You know that you are supposed to live in the moment, but it’s simply too hard to do. This is when your brain needs an urgent detox before you will settle back into enjoying life. Here are 5 reasons for a brain detox and how to do it.

1. Boost your immune function

Many people’s top priority right now is to ramp up the immune system so that they don’t fall ill. The truth is your physical detox and immune-boosting supplements won’t work unless you take care of the mind. 

Mental stress works the same as physical toxins. How do toxins affect the body? By tearing down your most powerful defense - the immune system! Research has shown that people with chronic stress, depression, or mental illnesses typically have dysfunctional immune activity, which makes them more prone to infections.

So if you don’t want to be an easy target for invisible but powerful pathogens out there, it's time to learn how to detox your brain.

2. Rediscover your harmony  

Do you feel that harmony is missing in your life? For example, you may be getting irritated easily, feeling disconnected from nature, or lonely and sad for no reason. If so, let’s explain these using Ayurvedic principles. 

Ayurveda is an ancient philosophy from India, which means “the science of life”. It contains five Ayurveda elements, which combine to make all things in nature. As nature’s kids, our physiology and personality are also dependent on these elements. As such, you may feel or act in strange ways because your Ayurvedic elements are out of balance.

Giving yourself a brain detox each day is part of a healthy lifestyle that can help you find the harmony you miss. In fact, a person who truly understands the five elements will begin to understand life and creation.

3. You’ll be more purposeful

What is your purpose? It’s certainly not to look good on social media or to impress others right? Unfortunately, many people’s lives are now revolving around their social media presence, as if their life purpose is to be seen online.

Keeping up a glamorous social media profile or trying to be “perfect” is exhausting. Your brain may get a feeling of “happiness” when you receive a like, but that feeling is always fleeting. What’s more, social media is addictive and our brain will demand more and more to feel “happy”. When this increasing appetite for social media influence is not satisfied, people will literally be glued to their phones and start to feel sad.

When you detox your brain out of social media, be it likes or dislikes, you can return to finding happiness and purpose in real life. Do something meaningful like caring for your neighbors and be complimented because you are a real-life influencer, not a social media influencer.

4. You’ll be more productive

As more people are working from home, productivity has become a major challenge that no amount of coffee can solve. 

This is because we wake up to disturbing news on the pandemic. A few hours into the day, we start to worry about the future. Like what if we lose our job tomorrow? By the time that we want to be productive, the mind is already drained of energy. 

So before you chuck down another cup of coffee, try to detox your mind out of future worries. The truth is no matter how much you worry today, it makes absolutely no difference to how tomorrow will turn out. If anything, you only hurt today’s productivity, which may actually make your boss mad and cost you the job.

5. Be a light to others

It may sound cheesy to be a light to others, but how do you think those inspirational speakers got to where they are today? They all struggled mentally themselves, let go of the mental toxins, and then realized how much they wanted to help others do the same.

If you aspire to make an impact in this world by helping others, you need to be at the best mental space yourself first. Do you feel like your brain is a mess right now and there is nothing inspirational? Oprah Winfrey once said that “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Feeling grateful for your life and celebrating your daily wins are great ways to rewire your brain. Positive emotions are not only empowering for yourself but also contagious to the people around you.

How Can You Detox the Brain?

There is no magic pill or cleansing recipe for your brain. Instead, detoxifying your brain requires a long term commitment to caring for your mental health

If you have been binging on the news or mindlessly scrolling through social media, your first step is to wean off too much information. Get rid of your FOMO (fear of missing out), and just let your mind rest. 

It doesn’t matter what pandemic we live in, always try to live to the best of your ability today. Remember, fear, anxiety, and stress are brain toxins that rival deadly viruses. Even though tomorrow’s uncertainties may seem overwhelming, don’t let them ruin your life today.

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