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Sometimes finding motivation is the hardest obstacle to developing a healthier and fit you! Here are a few keys to being successful in developing habit-forming behaviors.

Staying Motivated

  • Plan your workouts. Daily, weekly, monthly, you should have an idea of what workouts you are going to do. It all starts with a plan. If you do not have a plan or a roadmap to success, you will simply lose your way!
  • Make working out a priority in your life. You absolutely wake up and go to work. You feed the kids. You brush your teeth (hopefully). You eat meals throughout the day. Make working out one of these priorities that you absolutely must do and stick to it as you would any of these other things!
  • Pay attention to the excuses that you might use to avoid working out and develop solutions to eliminate them. You are not unique in that you have a busy life and feel like you might not have time to exercise. All of us are busy, but those of us who commit to our physical health find that a strong healthy self is essential in maintaining an active life; and I promise that a “fit” you WILL handle stress a lot better than an unfit you!
  • If you find yourself considering skipping a workout, talk yourself into doing it for just 10 minutes. You’ll find that almost always, once you start, you will probably finish and complete your planned workout. You will feel better about yourself afterwards. When you exercise your body manufactures chemicals (epinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine) that make you feel good!
  • Do it with a friend! Friends hold you accountable. Chances are that you know of someone who has the same or similar fitness goals as you and would be willing to work with you to reach them. You are less likely to cancel a workout when someone else is depending on you
  • Build on small successes! Every time you complete incremental goals along the way, you increase your chances of succeeding in your ultimate goal. That’s because small successes allow you to feel good about yourself and these good feelings will motivate you further on your journey. Sticking to all of your planned workouts for the week, losing 5 lbs., increasing weight and reps, speed, and distances are all examples of incremental successes along your way to a larger goal!

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