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Growing plants and tilling the earth is quite literally a tale as old as time. Humans were born working in the dirt and growing things; it's part of who we are as a species and has evolved with us. Although in the Western world it's easy enough to run to the grocery store and pick up whatever produce and fresh fruits and veggies we need, there is still a time and place for agriculture. 

The Times, They Have Changed

Our ancestors depended on farming to survive: If the harvest was not good, families would starve to death. Thankfully that is less of a worry today and most people no longer depend entirely on their at-home gardens to put food on the table, but that's not to say that farming is not a staple in the United States. As of 2018, there were just over two million farms in the United States that produce commercial-grade harvest. 

Not everyone who enjoys working in the garden is a commercial farmer. Some people find joy simply being outside and seeing the fruits of their labor (no pun intended). Even though we have those two million commercial farmers doing the job to help feed the country, does that mean that you have no reason to grow your own food? Of course not! In fact, some people make a living out of it. A thriving home garden can turn a profit when it comes to things like farmer's markets, which can help to make you money too. As time marches on and we depend on machine parts and automated systems for large-scale farms, how can you benefit from starting your own garden or agricultural business?

Gardening Works As An Anti-Stressor

Author John Erskine once said, "I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the garden." Do you feel that on a personal level? There is nothing more primal than digging, planting and harvesting plants that you have started from bulbs or seeds. It's rewarding enough to see those little green shoots coming out of the ground, but what are other ways that gardening helps to calm you down?

Attention Is Focused Elsewhere

The sink is overflowing with dishes, the kids are arguing, the dog made a mess on the floor and you can't think straight. We all have days like that. A healthy, productive escape is to go outside and get to work. Pulling weeds, trimming excess, and turning soil take focus and concentration, which means that instead of you sitting there worrying about your problems, you're able to divert your attention into a healthy outlet.

You Are Surrounded By Nature

Mmm, the smell of the fresh breeze against the dirt and grass is a magic all its own. Mother Nature takes care of her children, and whether you believe in a higher power or not you can feel some Presence when you're outdoors. Let the beauty of your surroundings and the magic of the work you're doing help you to feel peace and worry less.

Gratification and Confidence Are Boosted

Learning a new skill is never a waste of time. Like anything else, you need to learn the language of the plants and understand how they communicate with you. As you watch your small starters turn into flourishing, beautiful blossoms and fresh, crisp produce, you feel empowered. You created something out of nothing and it's your responsibility to keep it alive and thriving. There's something so very beautiful about that.

When you have a plot of land and a good imagination, then there's nothing like planting seeds and watching them grow. If your hobby pays off and you do well, who knows what doors could open for you down the road? Take pride in your little garden and reap the health benefits as well as the bounty. You've worked hard to make this garden grow, and when you plant love with those seeds, it also blooms.

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