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Doing the Dishes 

We often wash the dishes with dread or in haste, rushing to get it done as quickly as possible. Instead, you can partake in this chore with present-time awareness and find some peace. Look at the dishes you are going to be cleaning. 

Notice any natural reactions you have to the task at hand. 

Try to bring to mind the meal that was consumed and how it supported the well-being and life of all those who ate. 

Take a few deep breaths, centering your awareness in the body. 

Feel where you are standing and the weight pushing down the spine into the feet. Begin to wash, one dish at a time. 

Stay focused on the dish directly in front of you, in the moment. 

As you clean, tune in to the smells that arise of the soap and food.

Watch the dishes become cleaner. 

Feel the warm water on your hands. 

Hear the sounds of the water and the scrubbing. 

Place the dish in your drying rack or dishwasher slowly, bringing awareness to the body as you do so. 

Moving to the next dish, recognize that this is a new start. 

Let go of the dishes you have cleaned and the dishes still to be cleaned. 

Return to the one item you are cleaning right now. 

Watch the mind wander. 

When it meanders, bring it back to the task at hand. 

You can always pause and take a few deep breaths to recenter yourself. 

When you have cleaned the last dish, do not immediately stop the practice. 

Stay present as you wash your hands, clean up, and move on. 

With gratitude, recognize the reprieve you have been offered during this time.

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