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I work with leaders ­ people who have a position of responsibility to other people. I find that they are influenced by one common factor: what they are seeking to accomplish in their life, is also seeking them.

They have a felt sense that they are on a mission and that they will find a way through the obstacles. These leaders are not necessarily religious or "spiritual." However, life constantly refreshes their understanding of purpose.

I am thinking of a brilliant entrepreneurial marketing guy with a high school education who unexpectedly lost his business partner. He had always imagined that they would grow their business together; his keen sense of people, relationships, and the industry combined with her financial and managerial talents.

What they are seeking to accomplish in their life, is also seeking them.

Unexpectedly, all of this changed. Suddenly he was left alone to pursue their dreams. After an initial setback, he began to make the necessary adjustments to reinvent himself. He was able to understand his shortcomings; there were certain things he did not do well. He learned to ask for help and to seek guidance in these areas. He also never lost sight of the vision he and his partner shared.

He leveraged his ability to trust and to seek insight. He would often tell me, "I know, if I listen, I will achieve what we have set out to accomplish." The future, he realized, was always just outside of this moment pressing itself into existence. How he listened and received this "future" was a conscious act.

A typical leader carries an attitude of "trying to make it happen." In our work, this man oriented his actions around a process ­ "listening to what is trying to happen. " 

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Tim Dukes, Ph.D. develops leaders and communications across fields ranging from executives and business owners to entrepreneurs and artists. His communications model and workshops, built on presence and mindfulness, foster open environments based on trust and candor. Tim’s clients emerge as socially conscious, culturally sustainable, and strategically focused innovators.​

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