"There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. 

There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by the feeling for the order lying behind the appearance."

~ Albert Einstein

So, I was going to put a gorgeous photo of the sunrise up on the blog for this month, as here in northern California we do have an abundance of them, and they are always an inspiration. But I wanted to make more accessible and pragmatic and obvious the seemingly intangible topic of this blog: Intuition.

Last weekend, my husband and I took a class on “Communicating with Your Animals.” We have two Tibetan terriers that we adore, and often feel that they are trying to tell us something… sometimes we seem to catch on, sometimes they walk away from us, generously loving us yet crestfallen as they tolerate our dullard sensibilities. The class basically pointed to the fact that animals communicate through the faculty of intuition, which we could translate into words that make sense to us. We just need to practice listening to them through our intuitive faculty, and validating whatever we “hear” through the translation that occurs to us as our own thoughts.

Hence scratching the sunrise and posting the photo of Theo, a master of the sixth sense; our Sixth Sense Sensei.

We talk about our five senses, but there are really seven - The 6th one being Intuition. Like, no kidding, we all have access to Intuition as easily as we have access to touch or hearing or seeing with the physical eyes. We just don’t think about it that literally, so we don’t pay attention to it, so we don’t develop an affinity with it like we do, say, with touch. Scorch your hand once on that burner and you know that touching it again will produce a real and similar result.

Intuition is a realm of communication, a very real sense available to us, that requires that we stop listening to our familiar daily thinking, and quiet down what occurs to us as logical, enough to hear the sixth sense of insight.

What if we practiced our intuition with as much attention and pragmatism as we attend to the sense of touch?

I have a friend who made 40 cupcakes for her son’s school party, which was happening on the next day, and she left them out on the counter overnight to pack up in the morning. She woke up in the middle of the night and had a “sense” that she should go check on them. Now the real accomplishment here is that she actually LISTENED to this prompting and GOT UP to check on them!!

When she got to the kitchen to check on the cupcakes, she saw a line of ants heading straight for them! She moved the cupcakes just in time to rescue them for the morning!

Silly you say? Well, that’s the thing – notice how much we invalidate the sixth sense of intuition. We would not invalidate a burn from the stove. What if we took the “feeling” about something as being just as valid and tangible as being scorched by the flame?

Hmmm … I think will go ask Theo ….


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