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Welcome friends to evox Television, where your life, and that of your family, your community and the world matter. We have been created to serve you.

I am Banafsheh Akhlaghi and a founding member of evox Television Networks. I, along with our founder and 6 other visionaries answered the call, knowing that this was the time to bring forth programming, conscious consumer products and a social media community dedicated to an evolved voice. This voice is intended to educate and entertain you in the areas of health and well-being, sustainable living, both at home and work, food and nourishment, prosperity and finances, community and contribution, travel and spiritual/human development and growth.

I am a humanist and one who reveres the environment. I have dedicated my educational and career life to serving humanity, in gratitude to the earth and those who inhabit it. My motivation has been my sincere love and commitment to people living the lives they were intended to live. The lives they dream of, wish for and pray silently will manifest. Lives where peace is the simple outcome of existence. This love has inspired me to visit the world for my work and my personal growth and spiritual development.

To date, I have had the distinct privilege of visiting the continents of Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, North America and South America. I have yet to see Antarctica. And within the continents I have visited, I have yet to experience every country and every city within. Here in the US, where my immediate family and I made our home back in 1974 as new arrivals from Iran, I have traveled to 42 of our States and have 9 outstanding. With each new journey into a new land, a new culture of people and within a new environment, one element has been consistent.....the beauty of human beings, the ravishing glory of our planet and my yearning to know more about both.

These experiences have taken me from ashrams (spiritual hermitage) in India, to ancient cities of Jordan. From the raw untouched beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the Rainforests of Belize and South Africa. Not to mention the historic art, literature, and architecture of Europe and Iran. It has been humbling to see such grandness of spirit, be moved to tears and awe, and profoundly transformed as the witness/voyager/experiencer.

My educational explorations have taken me from Rumi and Hafez, great Persian poets and men of spirit, to studying the religions of the world through the lens of a Jesuit education they like to call a training for life. The on-going course work, conferences and training on human potential, quantum physics and, of course, the traditional law school curriculum. My home holds books from all the traditions and sages from around the globe. And it is a sanctuary for friends and family.

Which brings us to one of the categories of evōx Television. One my honored responsibilities is to lead a team of extraordinarily committed, talented thought leaders within the 7 dimensions of well-being that we have brought to you. I also have the brilliant opportunity to be your partner in the category of evoxEvolve. Here, we will explore and inquire into the meaning and experiences that shape the evolution, development and growth of a human. We will soar into the realms of spirituality that most serve you, whatever the term may mean to you. We will move beyond where we have gone before, both figuratively and literally, through our travels. And we will locate those training and development courses that support our growth and personal/professional development.

evoxEvolve is a playground for us to explore the notions of the ages, question the wisdom of the universal "truths" and discover our own personal truths. evoxEvolve is the destination for your thoughts and dreams. Here, we will find the bright path on our personal journeys.

We are inclusive, broad-minded, and hungry for growth, and know that together we will have an experience of life worth living.

Please join me, us, as we embark upon this journey together.

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About The Author

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Banafsheh Akhlaghi is a pioneering civil and human rights attorney, educator and social entrepreneur. She has learned through her work how decisions we make globally affect us locally. She immigrated to the United States from her native Iran with her parents at the age of five and started her career as a professor of Constitutional Law at the John F. Kennedy School of Law. Banafsheh has worked with the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM and was the director of the West Region for Amnesty International.

She has won several awards for her work, including the Fred Korematsu Civil Rights Award and was nominated for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award. Banafsheh was named “Top 100 Leading Lawyers in California” and “Top 100 Most Influential Lawyers in California” by the Daily Journal. She was also nominated for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 2008 and received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives the same year.

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