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There comes a time when a country has to debate when, if, and whether it should go to war. When it eventually happens, and the war is on, some men and women put their lives on the line to protect the integrity of the country by serving in the military. Talking of war, the United States has had a fair share of the same, since the founding of the nation through rebellion.

In the course of these conflicts, some men and women made the bold decision and wrote a blank check on their lives by volunteering to go to war. These are our beloved veterans who risked it all, including staying away from their families. In fact, some never got the chance to see their children born, and they gave up their normal lives to protect our freedom. So, as a community, the best we can do is offer them the best care and support possible in their sunset years. The following are some of the possible ways a community can care for and support veterans:

Being a Volunteer at a Community VA Hospital

As a community, each one has their talents and passions. These can be channeled to offer services at the local veterans’ hospital. While this task has hitherto been left to the VA, it is high time the community realizes that these are people who need compassion and personal care from the people closest to them. Some of the notable activities members of the community can take part in at the VA hospital may include helping in recreational programs, offering personal hygiene, or simply being good companions.

Helping Them Deal with Their Financial Issues

As a community, most of us tend to believe that veterans finally have a chance to relax after serving in the military. In most cases, however, this is not the case as they end up struggling in their retirement years as they battle against injuries of yesteryear. These battles may be mental, physical, or both. Others may face financial challenges as they transition to civilian life. These could be occasioned by the loss of military benefits or challenges in finding a reliable source of income. So in this regard, it is the mandate of the community to help them get access to personal loans for veterans or better still offer them financial aid as a community to help them cope with life as a civilian.

Looking After Their Families

A veteran is as strong and motivated as their immediate family. As a community, we ought to realize that family members also get weighed down by the toll on their loved ones. By offering the family the moral support they need as a community, this also empowers them to offer immediate support to their loved ones. When a veteran realizes that the community supports their spouses and children, they can become more motivated and hopeful for a better future, even after they are gone.

Help Them with Job Training

Veterans often find it tough adjusting to civilian life. As such, the community ought to chip in to help them find befitting jobs. Before this, however, they need training for the same. It is, therefore the responsibility of the community to offer job training to the veterans. This may include aspects like equipping them with interview skills, career counseling, resume writing, as well as specific training to the various available post-military careers.

Get hands-on for the disabled and mentally challenged veterans

While health challenges are part of human life, veterans are more susceptible to unique health issues compared to other American demographics. Some notable studies have shown that most veterans suffer some physical and mental health problems after their service. Others became disabled as a result of the war. As such, it is now our responsibility as a community to take care of these servicemen and women by offering financial, emotional, and moral support. In this regard, the community can come in to help them build their homes. As a community volunteer, you can offer your expertise in areas like painting, plumbing, carpentry, electrical installation, and other skilled services.

There is strength in numbers, and when a community comes together to offer physical, moral, and financial support to their veterans, it makes the community a better place to live. When society can come together with one voice to change VA services for the better, we all take responsibility for making their lives much easier.

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