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Having an ecological mindset is more than just a fad or trend; it is a process or structure that leads to more efficiency and sustainability, something that is beneficial for the environment and humanity. Even small changes now can make a big difference in the long run. If you are building a new office space or renovating your current one, read on to learn some features you can incorporate to make your workplace more environmentally friendly.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a popular eco-friendly alternative to processing energy; they have the potential to save lots of money on your utility bill. Solar panels transform the sun’s rays into electrical energy, which is then used to power the building. Any energy that is not used is transferred to an electrical grid and saved for later or used to power other buildings.

Research solar companies in your area to learn more about the cost and options available. Make sure any renovations to the structure of the building are completed prior to the panels being installed. If you are looking at major foundational or structural changes to prepare for your panels, consider a company that offers heavy lifting equipment, such as crane rental in Seattle.


Having plants throughout the office is another excellent way to promote a green environment. Plants not only provide a mental benefit to employees by decreasing anxiety and stress but they also keep the air clean by removing toxins. Before making any purchases, check with staff members to see if anyone has allergies you need to be aware of. Once you have done that, head to the nearest nursery and buy some favorite plants! Get creative by putting the plants in colorful pots, hanging them from the ceiling, or investing in a windowsill garden. Ensure all the plants are watered on a regular basis and have clear access to sunlight.

Design an outdoor courtyard filled with different bushes, flowers, and trees. This will give employees a place outside to escape to during the day. Plus, if you have compost to recycle, this outdoor retreat is a fantastic way to make use of it.


The aesthetic features in your office can also promote an ecological and efficient setting. For example, did you know there is such a thing as natural wallpaper? Many are even removable so you can easily swap it out if you end up not liking the design. Traditional wallpaper is made with chemicals, like Polyvinyl chloride, that release toxins into the air and are breathed in by those in close surroundings. Opt instead for a natural wallpaper that is chemical-free.

Countertops are a clever way to incorporate recycled material into your design. You might assume that the styles are limited but you would be wrong! There are many colors and styles to choose from, such as glass or richlite, a durable product that is a good choice for bathrooms or kitchens, as it is almost completely resistant to scratches, dents, and heat. The product is made from recycled tree pulp; the pulp comes from trees grown in forests with rigid rules in place to ensure the quality of the trees is not compromised.

Additionally, ensure you offer recycling options. It is a simple practice that makes a huge impact on the environment. Setup recycling receptacles throughout the workplace; include extra receptacles in the kitchen. Finally, swap out any paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms with automated hand dryers. By making the switch to dryers you can cut back on waste production that would occur with paper towels.

Changes that you make to your company's space can have a big impact on the environment and the well-being of your employees. Some of these options may seem like little steps but over time will impact the carbon footprint you leave behind. Take time to review these recommendations and determine what eco-friendly options you can incorporate into your company.

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