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Five to Try - at a Glance

With 45 million Americans on some kind of diet program every year, finding the program that suits you is essential for success. Many people move from fad to fad without finding what works for them, or giving any of them the time they need to kick in.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and the right diet and fitness program can help put an end to this. Obesity leads to other life-threatening conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, and can affect your mobility and independence. No diet program is right for everyone, which is why taking a look at a few of these options is a good place to start.

Workout and Diet Programs to Consider

Nothing will guarantee a diet program will work for you except your own commitment and dedication. A range of different diet and exercise options exist so there is scope to experiment and find the right option for your needs. Here are just a few of the most popular and recommended programs you may want to try:

1. Old School New Body

Suitable for men and women, this plan involves 3 x 30-minute exercise sessions and a diet program that helps you return your body to its former glory. It is recommended to all but has been particularly success for over 35s. It incorporates high intensity interval (HIIT) workouts too.

2. Venus Factor Workout

The Venus Factor is a female-only diet plan that has thousands of satisfied customers. It focuses on quick weight loss and fitting around lifestyles of many different types. Its prime target is reducing leptin levels in the body to help lower your appetite and see that much-wanted drop in body fat.

3. Fat Loss Factor Diet and Fitness

Dr Charles’ Fat Loss Factor Program is very well known for good reason. It focuses on straightforward and sustained weight loss through the right nutrition. It incorporates an initial 2-week cleansing period, which then moves into a second phase that is less strict. The key focus is whole, real foods. The results come if you stick to the rules.

4. Fat Diminisher Diet

A hugely popular program according to online reviews and commentary, the Fat Diminisher Diet was designed by Wes Virgin. It uses principles he learned while in the army and it offers the tempting promise of results within less than 28 days. As always, this only if you stick closely to the rules, which include eating more whole foods and cutting back on refined foods and processed carbs.

5. Three-Week Diet Plan

It sounds a little too good to be true but plenty of people have had real results on the three-week diet plan. It offers a guarantee of a loss of 12 to 23lbs of fat in as few as 21 days, and they say the focus truly is fat, not water or muscle mass. It is a complex and very specific program which does put some people off, and it is integral you follow every step if you want results.

These are just some of the many plans and options on the market. The choice is so far-reaching that it is almost possible to say there is something for everyone.

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