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The world is a scary place! Our modern civilization has built-in safeguards and safety nets that have removed us from true Darwinism and the survival of the fittest mode; however, it’s not hard to speculate what could happen when a perfect storm of mutating viruses, biological warfare, and sinister government agencies collide to bring our current civilization to its knees!

There’s no telling just which type of zombies we’ll see when the crap hits the fan. Will we see the classic, slow-lumbering , mindless, and hungry zombies that the fittest of us will be able to dispatch with ease, provided we’re not outnumbered? Or, will we see the come-at-you-at-full-speed, rabid and rage-infected alternative presented to us in 28 Days Later? Maybe we’ll see something in between such as the zombies in AMC’s The Walking Dead!

Do you think that you’re prepared to survive the zombie apocalypse? Let’s examine some essential fitness skills and abilities that might allow you to make it a little longer than everyone else!

#1 Cardio

As Jessie Eisenberg’s character, Columbus, repeatedly notes throughout the movie Zombieland, the #1 rule to surviving the zombie apocalypse is cardio! Do lots of it, and do it every chance you get. Zombies are dead, and they don’t get tired. Hopefully, you’ll have the endurance and the stamina to make it to safety!

My suggestion here is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You’re going to spend a lot of time scavenging for supplies in the post-apocalyptic world, and you won’t be able to spend hours a day running laps, and who knows if there will be any power for a treadmill. Fortunately, you can do HIIT in as little as 20 minutes per day. You can start your training by downloading this FREE 20 Minute Kettlebell Core Cardio workout!

#2 Strong Arms and Back

The one sure way to take out a zombie is to destroy its brain. One way to do this is to shoot in it in the head. In the event that you haven’t obtained a firearm yet, or in case stealth is a key component to your survival, you’re going to need a silent and deadly way to dispatch these walking dead! An axe or a heavy blunt object should be able to do the trick!

Strong triceps, shoulders, and strong back muscles are essential here, because these are the muscles you will be using when swinging one of these objects. Now, if you’re like me, you might live in an apartment in the city and not have access to a sledgehammer and tire you can swing at or a supply of logs to chop. It’s fortunate that you’ve found this website, because kettlebells are also phenomenal in developing these muscles.

Two moves that are sure to strengthen your swinging muscles include:

  • Snatch

  • Clean and Press

Together, these moves will strengthen your back (all of it), shoulders, triceps, forearms, grip, and core, ensuring you can swing that zombie-killing bat with greatest of ease.

#3 Determination

Sticking to a solid fitness and nutrition routine is challenging! It takes determination to stick with it day after day and week after week. It often takes real willpower to keep from putting that fast food and other tasty junk into your body. Be assured that this same display of willpower and determination will keep you going against all odds, with your back against the wall, and with chances of survival narrowing. Now is your chance to develop this willpower so that when the zombies descend, you will persevere!

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re not already in good shape when the zombies begin to roam the earth, it will probably be too late for you! The weak, slow, and unhealthy will probably be the first to find themselves served to those ravenously hungry masses!

My article Techniques For Staying Motivated will provide some good pointers to get you started. There’s no time to waste!

It would also be extremely beneficial to you if you put a plan together. Having a plan with goals to accomplish can keep you going when all else seems lost – both in working out and in the zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, this 5 Step Guide To Workout Success will show you how to build on incremental accomplishments to reach larger goals.

Additional tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse

  • As soon as the word is out that a zombie plague is sweeping your area, you will want to find a safe house and stay put for a few days. Hopefully, you will have enough food and supplies to last a week. Outside in the streets will be chaos. You will want to wait until the initial craziness subsides. Hopefully, you can find a place that is secure, and let’s hope that there is more than one way out in the event that your main exit becomes inaccessible.
  • Get out of the city! You should know that being in a large metropolitan area is exactly where you don’t want to be! The initial panic will create pandemonium. There will be traffic jams, looting, and thousands upon thousands of zombies. Get out of town and get out of town fast!
  • Travel light and travel fast. Once you’re on the move you cannot stop until you can get to another safe location. The lighter you travel, the faster you can travel. You should be able to scavenge enough items and food along the way to keep you going. Eventually, you’ll want to band together with other survivors. Hopefully, there will be some!

One last thing

If you get bitten, don’t force your friends, loved ones, or companions to deal with what’s about to happen to you. Do everyone a favor and check out!

I hope that you find these tips helpful. I’m not only interested in your fitness, I’m also interested in your survival! If you feel that I’ve left anything out then please comment below. This guide could very well save someone’s life, if and when the zombie apocalypse occurs!

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