Actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley wanted to remodel their new home under LEED Platinum Certified standards, but the builder had some bad news for them...Make sure you tune in tonight @ 5pm-7pm PST for the LIVE Green Carpet premiere of On Begley Street to see what happens!

Everyone here at evox is thrilled to welcome Ed and his family into our community! With his new show premiering TONIGHT on evox I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask Ed about his community and the role it plays in the success of the show as well as in his daily life.

What role does your community (family, friends, fans) play in your daily life and overall wellness?

My efforts since 1970 have focused on community.

Community gardens, sharing transportation with friends & neighbors, and most importantly, sharing green innovations with the folks in my community.
That’s how I’ve achieved so many successes. By sharing the work and the information with those around me.

How has your community helped shape On Begley Street? Has community support played a key role in the process?

My neighbor Mike at Studio city Patch helped make this show happen.

Kickstarter helped make this show happen.

Absent any of those vital elements, On Begley Street never would have occurred.

How do you think On Begley Street and your current projects will affect your community? (family, friends, neighbors, etc.)

I’ll continue to share all my successes and failures with folks, as I have since 1970.

I’ll use On Begley Street, and any means at my disposal to spread the word that we DO have affordable choices in achieving sustainability.

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