The Urban Dictionary defines “bliss” as “a state of complete and utter happiness. Often seen as heaven-like.” The feeling of bliss to a toddler can be swinging high on a swing on a summer day, while bliss for a mom can be a latte, crafted by her husband to perfection, enjoyed while watching the sunrise before children wake.
The state of bliss can last for a split second or for much, much longer. The good news is that we don’t need to spend an entire weekend and hundreds of dollars at a spa to get to really tap into “bliss.” We can create blissful experiences for ourselves and our loved ones quite easily.

In our homes, we can light lightly-scented candles, draw a warm bath with relaxing bath salts, apply a facial mask, and listen to soothing music.
Many people find bliss through their taste buds, too! Bliss can come in the form of a taste of chocolate melting slowly in your mouth. For me, I am incredibly happy when I bite into vegetables that have been freshly grown in my garden. There’s really nothing like eating a tomato that I have nurtured for a few weeks!
Getting to a state of bliss is easily within our grasp even though at times it seems like an impossible fantasy. Most of the time it’s really about being present to each moment and enjoying all that is around us! I’m curious - how do you follow your bliss?

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Nikki Pava is the author of Green Wisdom: A Guide for Anyone to Start, Engage and Energize a Sustainability Team. She is also the founder of Alegria Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in sustainability engagement initiatives for mission-driven companies.

Prior to her work at Alegria Partners, Nikki founded EcoTuesday, a national networking forum that facilitated vital connections and essential change in the business community. EcoTuesday hosted more than 300 events in 12 cities across the country and brought together hundreds of sustainability professionals, making a positive impact in each city.

Nikki holds an MBA in sustainable management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. She lives in an eco-community in Costa Rica and is currently writing a book about teams in businesses that focus on reaching their company’s climate change goals.

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