When I think about bliss in terms of Community, it brings an immediate smile to my face. Spending time with my family and friends-- that’s bliss to me.

This weekend I had the chance to spend time with my girlfriends. Every summer for the last five years, we get together for one weekend-- each time we try a new place. We all have jobs, and kids, and live in different parts of the country, but every year we make it a priority to get together and spend time together. This is something I look forward to months in advance.

We only have a short time together, and we cherish every minute of it. There is no drama, no bullshit, just love and laughter-- so much laughter. This past weekend I laughed for two days straight. As I was sitting around the table with everyone at brunch one morning, I thought to myself, “I am surrounded by the best people and the best food I could ask for. This is bliss.” I was fully present and completely grateful in that moment. I didn’t want it to end.

Monday night I took an amazing yoga workshop with my sister, and sharing the experience with her is something I will cherish. We meditated, chanted, and sweat a lot. The positive energy in the room was tangible and being able to share that with her was so special to me. This is bliss.

The next morning my mom and I woke up early to go paddle boarding around the cove she lives in. I could feel the sun’s warmth on my back, my core working, and the cool water on my toes. We laughed and talked and enjoyed one another. This is bliss.

Make a point to spend time with those you care about. Make sure they know how important they are to you. Get together for a cup of tea, share love and share laughter. My friends and family know the crucial role they all play in my life. They are my support system, my fans, my critics, and my community. They are my bliss.

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Kelsey Lettko finds happiness in dancing, traveling, music, and good conversation.  She is a San Francisco Bay Area native, who loves to explore both her own community and the world. She has traveled to Swaziland to aid in malaria net distributions, Argentina to study and teach dance, and Cambodia to teach English and volunteer on an elephant reserve.  As a recent graduate from the University of Redlands, she has a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and is very excited to embark on her post-grad journey and see where life takes her.

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