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These days, words like natural, organic, plant-based, and vegan are becoming more and more popular. Strolling up and down the aisle of almost any store, you’re likely to see these buzzwords across a variety of goods — including oral care products. But you might find yourself wondering if these products carry the same weight of benefits as their predecessors in terms of oral health? 

This is a valid concern and it’s certainly worth exploring some of the benefits that come from utilizing all-natural, plant-based products in your oral care routine. 

Making the Switch

When considering the switch to plant-based oral care, or any change within your daily routine, it’s important to do plenty of research beforehand. For one, this can ensure that you’re safely incorporating the new products into your routine. Even all-natural products could create problems if the wrong ones get mixed together or the ingredients end up being harmful to you. Taking the time to read up on products can also give you an idea of the most effective way to use something new, such as natural toothpaste. 

Through your research on plant-based oral care, you’re also likely to discover that oftentimes, natural toothpaste is better for you than regular toothpaste. As careful as you need to be with the ingredients in your natural oral products, so should you be with the alternatives. Unfortunately, the typical toothpastes you’re used to getting from the store also contain harmful ingredients. 

Most commercially-produced toothpastes contain things like Propylene Glycol, which is an active component in antifreeze. Many also have Triclosan in them, which, while beneficial for reducing plaque and fighting gingivitis, has other concerns that could affect your health including slowing your blood circulation, impairing muscle function, and potentially creating a resistance to antibiotics. Going vegan with your oral care products, on the other hand, means you can avoid these ingredients and any other harmful chemicals while still taking care of your oral health. 

Improve Your Self-Care

Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, and a number of other stressors, it’s likely you’ve found yourself worrying over your wellbeing, including your physical, emotional, and mental health. Additionally, with so many people now working from home and away from others, it can be easy to dismiss your self-care routine. But even while you’re working remotely it’s still essential that you find ways to take care of yourself.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, it’s necessary to prioritize your needs and establish a helpful self-care routine. This includes your oral health and care. It might seem silly to think of brushing your teeth as an aspect of self-care, but it absolutely is, especially if you’ve been wanting to minimize the number of chemicals possibly affecting your health and weakening your overall oral health. 

Switching to plant-based oral products is an easy way to spark change within your oral health and could lead to other plant-based changes, such as in your diet. Furthermore, when it comes to this unprecedented year, finding one less thing to worry about can really help with your overall mental health. 

Shake Up Your Morning Routine

One way for you to fully harness the benefits of natural oral care is to develop a regular routine of usage. Creating and committing to an effective morning routine is essential in reaping those valuable oral benefits, among other mental and physical advantages. Of course, creating a brand new morning routine is often easier said than done, so some points to keep in mind are:

  • Start Small: While you might be feeling extra motivated to start a new routine with plant-based oral care, starting small can make the sudden changes easier to handle and lessen the discomfort you’re likely to experience with the changes.

  • Be Consistent: You’ve probably heard it from your dentists a dozen or so times —  consistency is key when it comes to your oral health. The same rule of thumb can be applied to your morning routine and the integration of new products. Furthermore, solidifying a new habit takes time, so once you’ve got your routine figured out, try to stick to it as consistently as you can.

  • Re-Evaluate as Needed: Sometimes we don’t get it right the first time, so it’s always a good idea to take a step back and look for alternatives if something isn’t working for you. For example, did you know you can make your own plant-based toothpaste with ingredients like sage and coconut oil? If you’re not loving the plant-based options at the store, switch gears and opt for a homemade one. 

Don’t get too hung on trying to change everything at once and, instead, focus on what helps you feel healthy and happy. You know your body and your schedule best, so don’t feel too discouraged if something doesn’t end up working within your new morning routine. Just try to remain flexible until you’re able to find the perfect combination. 

Going plant-based with your oral health is not only beneficial for your overall health but is generally better for the planet than traditional toothpaste. While it might not be for everyone, it’s hard not to see that going with an all-natural oral care routine is a great choice.

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