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Sleep is an important part of life that is regarded as a determining factor of good health. The amount of sleep a person gets each night is a window to how well they take care of themselves. Even the most regarded celebrities need to get their beauty rest every night, so here are some ways to get true beauty sleep like a member of royalty.

1. Adjust Your Sleeping Position

The position one sleeps in can sometimes contribute to better sleep or worse sleep. Some sleepers prefer to sleep on their back because it's comfortable for them, and others prefer sleeping on their stomach. But if you're a side sleeper wondering how to stop drooling while sleeping, switch to a different position next time you go to bed and take note of any changes.

2. Stay Away From the Sun

While humans need an adequate amount of sunlight in the daytime, sleeping with the sun shining on your face does more harm than good. The sun's illuminating rays are a catalyst for ultraviolet damage. Try to stay away from direct sunlight if you need to snooze during the day. A blindfold that blocks out light can protect your eyes, allowing you to squeeze in more sleep. Add dark-colored or black curtains to your windows to shield out the light and protect your skin.

3. Wash Your Face

The last thing most people want to do before bed is to wash their face, but doing so will be a positive move for your skin and your sleep cycle. Your face collects various amounts of dirt and particles throughout the day. When you retire to bed without cleansing your face, the dirt remains trapped underneath and turns your facial skin into a breeding ground for inflammation, infections, and skin damage. Use a bar of soap or exfoliating products to wash and cleanse your face before bed.

4. Drink Water

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to get something to drink because you were thirsty? Keep a bottle or glass of water at your bedside to combat thirst. Water keeps your throat hydrated and contributes to your body's overall hydration. Don't drink too much in one sitting if you'd like to avoid going to the bathroom in the middle of your sleep session.

5. Moisturize Your Face

Water does wonders for the body in many ways, but a moisturizer can keep your skin's moisture stabilized. Facial moisturizers give your face hydration and eliminate dryness, making your skin feel softer and younger. They come in many formulas and can be used alone or to conclude your skincare routine. Oil-based formulas are lightweight and ideal for people who want a quick, lasting fix, while cream-based ones are ideal for people with dryer skin. Learn about what your skin needs to find your ideal moisturizing product.

6. Protect Your Locks

This tip depends on hair type but should be taken into consideration regardless. People with straight hair may find their hair unaffected in the morning. On the other hand, people with curlier hair need to take extra steps to protect their curls at night. Pillowcases made of satin or silk allow one's curls to rest uninterrupted. A hair bonnet made of either material contains your hair and shields it from dust and other elements throughout the night.

7. Wear Earplugs if Applicable

Quiet environments are a conduit to a relaxing night and can be paired with soothing music or a cup of herbal tea. On the contrary, noisy environments or recurrent bouts of noise can put your plans for a good night's sleep on hold. Thankfully, a solution for the latter exists in the form of earplugs. Earplugs come in various sizes and effectively shut out outside noise. A fancy pair of earplugs will keep your hearing intact with a dash of style.

8. Reduce Screen Time

Technological devices are an integral part of modern life. The incorporation of these devices comes with a price, however; the price being more extended screen time than ever before. Before hitting the hay, put your devices away and wind down with a book or meditate to clear your mind. The act of journaling not only helps one to get their thoughts out and on paper, but it also calms your mind as you drift off to DreamLand.

9. Get a Full Night's Rest

This tip often goes without saying, but as humans get older and obtain more responsibilities and priorities, it becomes more difficult to actually get a full night of rest. A person's overall lifestyle comes into play, also. No matter what your life entails, try to establish a bedtime so you can get at least eight hours of sleep. By doing so, you'll establish a consistent routine that will aid in keeping your life in balance.

Beauty sleep isn't something reserved only for the elite. These tips and tricks can take your sleep to greater heights and contribute to better health, so try any one of them out and see how they work for you.

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