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With the 20 tons of CO2 that each household in the US contributes per year, imagine what the Earth will look like 20 years from now. Will it still be safe to live in? No. The planet is dying, and there’s no better time to start redeeming it than today.

Green, efficient, eco-friendly...however you say it, it needs to start now, and you can begin with small eco-friendly upgrades in your home. From energy-saving to a healthier indoor environment for you and your family, here are other good reasons why a green household is crucial in today’s time.


An eco-friendly home primarily makes use of natural resources including air, water, and sunlight. Design your home in a way that you can take advantage of the natural light of the sun. Solar panels can give you up to 40% savings on your energy consumption. Additionally, you can fill your rain barrels with rainwater to use when needed. We all know that energy pricing rises every year as the population and demands steadily increase. Shifting to a green household and using natural resources can help reduce your energy bill big time. These small acts can consequently give you savings in the long run.

2.Less Maintenance

Maintenance costs for traditional residential construction amount to more than 60% of the structure’s lifetime cost. Some traditional materials encourage mold and mildew problems fast, creating a difficult need for regular upkeep. Constructing an eco-friendly home may require a bit of expense up front, but you will enjoy significantly fewer maintenance expenses in the long run. The less you pay for repairs and home renovations, the more environmentally-friendly your house becomes.

3.Healthy Indoor Environment

You should know that standard quality products often emit harmful substances that can come from the materials used to manufacture them. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are the most common toxins that many construction materials and indoor products carry. These compounds are carcinogens that can fill your indoor air fast and cause havoc in your health. Eco-friendly homes use non-VOC and moisture-resistant products to ensure that your home’s indoor air is safe for everyone.

4.Low Carbon Footprint

Reducing your home’s carbon footprint plays a big role in our fight against global climate change. From the simple “Go-Green” home projects to complex home improvement and renovation, you can do your part in sustaining the environment for the new generation. Since the latter may require big investments, you may opt for payday loans online or accumulate small savings to finance bigger eco-friendly upgrades.

5.Higher Property Value

Sustainable design for houses attracts more buyers nowadays compared to their non-green counterparts. This is primarily because a lot of home buyers are seeing the benefits of green homes when it comes to money-saving, indoor comfort, and reduced carbon footprint. Building eco-friendly homes is costly, but a lot of homeowners never regret their investment due to the rising demand and higher value of green homes compared to conventional houses.

6.Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly homes have unique design elements, which makes them more energy efficient. Among the most desired features of a green home are solar panels that help convert natural light from the sun to generate a flow of electricity. Geothermal heating and cooling are also features that many homeowners love with eco-friendly homes. The use of these natural resources holds great value and makes your home in demand on the real estate market. If not for sale, these green features can bring you great savings for years.

Should You Go Green?

There’s a virtual sea of benefits when you engage yourself in an eco-friendly lifestyle. You can start from the following easy tasks:

  • Embrace natural cleaning products.
  • Create your compost.
  • Insulate your home well.
  • Get solar powered.
  • Heat and cool your home the smart way.
  • Light up the house with LEDs.
  • Conserve water and electricity.
  • Decorate with houseplants.
  • Invest in Energy Star appliances.

These simple upgrades can turn into major improvements and savings in the long run. If you haven’t started your Go Green home projects yet, the reasons above will motivate you to dive in and begin.

Share with us your Go Green home upgrade stories!

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