3 blocks of light, medium, and dark concrete on workbench

At-home Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are excellent ways to spruce up your home while saving money and incorporating fun for the whole family. One of the most versatile and sustainable materials for DIYs is concrete. Because there are different types of concrete, you have the option to choose what mix is best for your project. Not to mention, concrete mix is easily put together and most home improvement stores have pre-mixed options. Concrete is a sustainable option for at-home projects. It is easily recyclable and can be broken down and reused. You can purchase concrete made from reused materials as well, for ultimate sustainability. Additionally, its versatility is useful for making a variety of different products.


If you’re redoing your backyard or are wanting to just spice things up, consider building a concrete walkway. Concrete walkways provide a place for your and your guests to walk so that you don’t trample any grass or vegetation that is trying to grow. Putting together a concrete walkway is easier than it looks. With pre-mixed concrete, you can design any style of walkway you would like.


Birdbaths not only provide a nice aesthetic touch to your backyard but also help with the ecosystem behind your house. If you have a flower or vegetable garden, the presence of birds via the birdbath can help control the presence of insects and bugs that would eat your plants. There are many styles of birdbaths to choose from. You can opt for a more traditional bowl style or something a bit more creative


Having plants around the home offers a variety of benefits. Indoor plants help clean the air inside your home but absorbing the toxins and releasing oxygen. In a recent study, house plants were also linked to reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation in the home. Concrete planters for your house plants are easy to make and can be customized to match your design. They are fun activities to do with little children for fun with the whole family. 


For a more challenging, but stylish DIY, try out building your own concrete lights. Designer lights can be expensive, and making them at home allows for the utmost personalization. Additionally, making your own lighting from home is much more sustainable than buying from a shop that mass produces the materials, and most likely uses an excess amount of energy as well. 


Nobody likes having water rings on their coffee tables at home, and coasters aren’t the cheapest things in the world. An easy but practical way of using concrete is making your own coasters. This relatively easy DIY project is another option to include children and other family members. You can customize your coasters with names, initials, drawings, or whatever else you’d like.

Door Stoppers

Door stoppers are a practical home addition. They keep your doors open without the need for any built-in door stops or locks and are more stylish than traditional methods. With just some concrete mix, a rope, and a simple mold, you can make your very own door stopper at home. 

Bottom Line

Concrete is a sustainable option for all your DIY needs. It is both inexpensive and versatile. It can be used to create a variety of different projects both for practicality and for decoration. Being more sustainable doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style. Concrete holds up over time and gets stronger with age. Try out a concrete DIY today with concrete as the key ingredient.

Molly Edwards is a devoted mom, passionate writer, and budding solopreneur. As a mother of two boys, she hopes to inspire parents to stress less and enjoy the big, beautiful world of parenting a little more.

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