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With our world becoming more and more polluted with fossil fuels and our oceans filling up with plastics, it's important that we highlight ways to improve the environment. Sea levels have been rising for the past decade and carbon has been getting stored in the sea. In the end, climate change is the result and tons of wildlife are harmed in their natural habitats because of this. Is coal a renewable resource? You'll learn all about it. In today's article, I am going to be going over five major ways that you and can help out the environment. Let's get started.

1. Quit using paper plates and plastic silverware

As we all know, anything disposable is bad unless it is recyclable. This goes for paper plates and plasticware. Paper plates help cause deforestation because they are made from virgin wood. Paper mills then construct these by using harmful, toxic chemicals that end up getting into the waterways. Petroleum along with other chemicals create plastic cutlery and we have to emit fossil fuels when transporting all of this stuff. They are made out of most non-recyclable plastic. In the end, switch to plates that you can use over and over again. Same for cutlery and even straws. If you can't, at least switch to recyclable plastics.

2. Buy a refillable water bottle

Most of us know how harmful those little plastic water bottles can be to the environment. What's crazy to know is that only one in seven of those plastic bottles gets recycled every year. Tap water is just the same as bottled water essentially and you can put it in a durable, reusable water bottle like stainless steel, Nalgene, or a Contigo water bottle as well. All in all, you get hydrated without having to harm the planet. The best of both worlds.

3. Unplug/turn off all electronics not in use

Most of the electronics in your home use energy even when you are not using them. This not only increases your electric bill but also harms the planet at the same time. Shutting off all of these electronics before you leave your house will reduce your carbon footprint. Then again, electrical production is one of the biggest causes of fossil fuels. You could help stop this.

4. Fix leaky toilets and faucets

Not only will fixing leaky toilets and faucets help out your water bill, but it will also help out the environment. An estimated 200 gallons of water per day is wasted by leaky toilets. Leaky faucets are even worse at 3,000 gallons of water per day. In the end, fixing these will really help out the environment.

5. Start a compost pile

Compost piles are great because they allow you to get rid of your vegetable and lawn scraps naturally and effectively, helping the environment. Not to mention how much composting can help the soil. Overall, this all combats climate change. We can all do something in this world to make the Earth a better place.

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