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Your teenage and young adult years are some of the most formative years of your life, so staying in a favorable mental state throughout these years will help your development immensely. However, these are also the years when it is most difficult to stay in a favorable mental state. So, what can you do to keep your mind healthy through these tough years? Here are five ways to stay confident this school year.

1. Look Good

You might hear some people discourage you from altering your appearance to make yourself feel better, and while that attitude of body positivity is healthy, you should not let that discourage you from changing aspects of your appearance that you want to change. As long as you are making healthy decisions and are not being harsh on yourself, it is more than acceptable to want to change parts of your appearance. You could try working out, wearing makeup, using Gundry MD metabolic advanced, or anything else that improves your mental image of yourself. Find what works for you and work towards it.

2. Make Changes

If you have not been feeling confident recently, it could be because you feel like you are boring or stagnating. If that is the case, find something to change in your life. Have a nice, long think about what the source of your boredom is, and when you figure out what the problem is, work to change it. This change is commonly a change in wardrobe, hair color, or even friendships. Whatever you decide you need to change, stick to that change, and allow yourself to embrace it. If you decide you made the wrong move, you can always change your mind later.

3. Take Risks

One way to boost your confidence is by diving straight into an uncomfortable situation and forcing yourself to deal with it. Uncomfortable situations are rarely as difficult as you expect them to be, so pushing yourself to do something difficult is usually a healthy decision. The risk you decide to take can be anything as small as asking someone out on a date or as important as applying for a big scholarship that could play a role in deciding your future. Whatever risk you decide to take, a positive outcome will have a positive impact on your mental health.

4. Help Others

If you need help boosting your self-esteem, it may be more helpful to look outside yourself rather than inside yourself. While internal self-help might work for some, one of the most universal methods for boosting your confidence in yourself is to help others. Once you recognize that you are capable of helping someone with a task, it allows you to realize that you are worthwhile. Since you have had a positive impact on someone else, it makes you feel like you are worth something. Even the smallest deeds can help both yourself and others.

5. Learn a New Skill

In a similar vein to helping others, learning a new skill can help you realize that you have worth. Think about where your interests lie and decide which new skill to learn based on that. If you have an interest in music learn a new instrument or a new song on an instrument you already know. If you have an interest in cooking, get a new kitchen appliance, or try a new recipe. No matter where your interests are, you can find some kind of new skill that will make you feel worthwhile.

Self-confidence is not easy, especially in your formative years. No one should ever have to feel that they are worthless or less than, and you should always seek out someone to talk to, whether that be a friend or a counselor of some kind. In the end, you have more control over your self-confidence than anyone else. Being proactive towards your mental state is one of the healthiest things you can do when you are preparing for a new school year.

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