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Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year and what better way to get your weekend off to a sexy start than by filling your loved one with wine? If you are anything like me, you like to think out of the box and try and do things a little differently even when it comes to this Hallmark holiday. Whether you are a sinner or a saint this Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves to get a little hot and heavy on the most romantic day of the year. With that in mind, I hand picked these 5 Hot and Heavy Valentine’s Day Wines with you in mind. Whether you are a serious Wine Oh or just like a label to give you a good laugh one of these red (or reddish) wines are right for you.


What’s in a name you ask? Well me thinks a name like Zin-phomaniac says it all. But behind the alluring label is a the wine that will arouse you with its aroma and tempt you with its taste. I got a chance to taste this Zinful Zinfandel wine at a ZAP wine tasting event in San Francisco. This full bodied Lodi wine has dark cherries, blackberry, and of course spice to her nice. The dark semi-sweet chocolate, vanilla, brown baking spice are sure to keep your Valentine’s Day or night sweet!

Price $18 or  $14 at CostPlus

2013 Fields Family ‘La Vie’ Rose’  Lodi, California

More love for Lodi! Why buy roses when you could have Rosé? Or if you are a real Romeo you could buy him or her both. This Rhone inspired dry Rosé will warm you up on any frigid February Valentine’s night. Just one sip and you will be transported to the south of France an area known for producing remarkable Rosé. This sexy wine is produced by Fields Family Wines, which specializes in small lots where they guarantee all of their wines are handcrafted to the highest quality. When you pour a glass of this rosé wine, you both will fall in love with the Syrah/Mourvedre mix and will look from now on (or at least for the rest of the night) through Rosé-colored glasses.

Price: $18.00

Montes Purple Angel Carmenere 2010

You could tell your amore of your love with a box of chocolates or with a wine that is sure to raise the spirits. By now, you know your better half is an angel so why not put your money where your mouth is? If you want your evening elevated to higher place (or base) give the gift of a glass of this Carmenere and even divine intervention couldn’t intervene with your happy ending. This lush, velvety red Carmenere-based wine, which features a large archangel on the bottle, is pure indulgence with notes of red berries, chocolate, and spice. Let this baby breathe for about one hour before drinking and it will take your breath away.

Price: $60.00

MASUT 2012 Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir

It doesn’t get much hotter than the Fetzer brothers. Jake and Ben Fetzer aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in their attempt to make the finest pinot possible. The third generation winemakers are making their mark on Mendocino and around the country with this 2012 flagship Pinot Noir.  With 13.9% alcohol, 40 bucks a bottle, and only 2450 cases produced, this Pinot Noir wine will make your lover light up and hopefully be in the mood for love.

Price: $40.00

Love & Cabernet, Wine Red, 2011, Château Saincrit France

Love birds listen up. Want to speak the language of love? Nothing says I love you like a bottle of Bordeaux. Too shy to say those four little words yourself? Not to worry, this 100% Cabernet Sauvignon AOC Bordeaux Supérieur wine will say it for you. This red wine is ready to drink now or can sit on the self for up to three years. If you are wearing your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s Day and going all out why not make a home cooked meal? This Cabernet wine pairs well with red meats, grilled fish, cheeses, and fruit desserts.

Price: $15.00

“I fell in love with Saincrit: its soil is beautiful, somewhat magical.” – Florence Prud’homme

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day wine that’s not listed here? Share your love in the comments section below. We are always looking for new wines to taste whether it’s Valentine’s Day or just your typical Tuesday. There’s always time for wine.

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