The Character Of Thought: The Choice To Be In Process Or Flow with Laura Basha, Ph.D.

Posted on June 24, 2015 by New Dimensions in Interviews

I invite you all to tune in to an interview with me on my book, The Inward Outlook, with Justine Willis Toms of New Dimensions radio, available for free until July 7th, 2015, then available for purchase through the New Dimensions archives. 

Thank you so much if you tune in, and I hope you enjoy!!

An Interview with Dr Laura Basha:

​Ann West, Truth From the Source—The Inward Outlook



Great Reviews for "The Inward Outlook" by Dr. Laura Basha

“As both a CEO and personally, I found the insights and lessons developed in the Inward Outlook to be both profound and impactful on me.  The lessons and principles explained by Dr. Laura Basha will help anyone to be a more effective leader, better parent and spouse, while growing and deepening their own understanding of their human experience.  I utilize the principles she describes in the book to great success and since embracing this understanding of life being experienced from the inside out, I've been able to put them to work and triple the size of our company, resulting in our best performance in over 35 years.  I would encourage everyone to explore the principles for themselves, the benefits will be profound.” ~Jim Hart, CEO, Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting, A Heidrick & Struggles Company

“The message is clear and it is beautifully written. It is obvious that Dr. Basha is one with her work, as well as with the message in the book. After reading The Inward Outlook I smiled because I could see how to find joy or put a positive spin on whatever is going on.” ~Larry Robinson, MFA, Professional Artist, Professor of Art, University of California, Berkeley

“I’ve read Dr. Basha’s book. It is life-changing.” ~Paul Taylor, CEO, Webmarketing, Emeryville, CA

"Open this book, read a little or a lot at time, and you will find food for your intellect, your heart and your soul." ~Joan Hause, Former Teacher; Retired Real Estate Broker 

“The Inward Outlook reminds us that our ever present center is challenged by the fast paced, technically minded world we live in. With insight and down to earth humor, Dr. Basha helps us to find our awareness again.” ~Mona Adisa Brooks, Professional Artist, Teacher, Consultant, Peterborough, NH

"Brava to Dr. Basha! Her book not only creates for us a transformative world that works, it is also chock-a-block with examples of the miracles which happen when human beings alter their focus from "me" to "us". The Inward Outlook is a great read!" ~Pat Henderson, CEO, Pat Henderson, INC. "Designer Couture for the Modern Woman"

“I have been studying and teaching various aspects of healthy functioning for individuals, teams and organizations for over twenty-seven years and found The Inward Outlook to be one of the best, most thoughtful approaches. Dr. Basha’s clear and simple-yet-profound message resonates with our innate health and wisdom. I am blessed to know Laura personally and know that she truly lives what she teaches. As a result, her sincerity and practical application come through in every facet of this wonderful book.” ~John McKay, Senior Vice President, Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting, A Heidrick & Struggles Company

Dr. Laura Basha's new series on evox will feature interviews with creative people speaking from various perspectives. Guests of all ages, from the arts, business, and other professions will dialogue about the creative process, authentic self-expression, and generating self-actualization in many areas of our lives. Stay tuned!

A Message From Dr. Laura Basha

I am inspired to be bringing to you this new series of programs and readings through evox television! My interest and intention is to expansively open up the conversation of well-being, dialoguing about pragmatic transformational structures through which we can distinguish and free ourselves from old limiting patterns of thought and behavior, and consequently self-actualize.

I have a quietly passionate commitment for every one of us to awaken to our own unique and authentic self-expression, creativity, and power. Over time, we will recognize together how we have been innocently holding ourselves back from the fulfillment we want, ultimately reclaiming our sense of purpose and clarity at increased levels of effectiveness. We will cultivate the grace of wisdom, and develop the capacity to generate compassionate humor, all combining for an overall life experience of serenity, ease, and joy.

I am inspired to be of service to visionary and creative people of all ages, cultures, and in all walks of life who are committed to the intrinsic reward and profound presence born of self actualization: YOU!


Send your comments, questions and ideas to Dr. Laura Basha

​About Laura Basha

An organizational psychologist, writer, and artist, Dr. Laura Basha offers her skills  as a life coach and educator, specializing in personal transformation and creative self-expression. For over thirty years she has worked with thousands of international clientele using a principle-based paradigm of health and empowerment, catalyzing an awakening in people to their authentic self-expression, creativity, and power.

She has taught her work in private practice as well as community, clinical, academic, professional, public, and corporate settings.

Visit White Bird Rising for inspiration, art, book and speaking engagement information, and so much more.


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