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Staying healthy is all about making little changes to improve the way your body functions. A clean diet is a critical part of maintaining your overall health. In partnership with Dr. Axe, we’ll outline 3 daily tips to eat healthier and improve your diet.

1. Eat Enough Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to protect the body from free radicals which are harmful molecules that can pose negative effects on the body if not addressed. Antioxidants are various substances that can be found within the body as well as throughout several food sources.

You may have heard of resveratrol, flavonoids, and carotenoids like beta-carotene, vitamin C, and lycopene. Well, these are all examples of antioxidants that may happen to provide a host of health benefits such as helping support longevity and giving the skin a healthier look and feel. They may also help fight off things like urinary tract infections (UTIs) and free radical damage linked to heart disease and cancer. Below is a list of foods rich in antioxidants:

  • tomatoes
  • green tea
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • goji berries
  • artichoke
  • kidney beans
  • pecans
  • dark chocolate
  • java plum
  • sweet cherry
  • raspberry
  • red wine
  • kale
  • walnut
  • prune
  • russet potatoes

Yes, you can still enjoy your chocolates and red wines without having to feel guilty about it. There are several myths about antioxidants and free radicals that should be addressed. For instance, free radicals are a natural byproduct of oxidation.

2. Cook Vegetables the Healthy Way

Fried foods seem to be the staple of many modern societies. However, in an effort to eat healthily, people must know that there are other alternatives to how they cook their meals. Whether you use an excessive amount of butter or fry your veggies in heavy greases, there are healthier ways to get flavorful food.

Using less salt is also a good general rule for cooking vegetables the healthy way. Vegetables contain many minerals and vitamins. However, adding too much salt will defeat the purpose of a healthy meal, as consuming too much salt can lead to higher blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to a range of complications including dementia, strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease, etc.

This can be avoided by changing how food is prepared. Vegetables should be either baked, grilled, steamed, or roasted. If those options aren't appealing, then sautéing is another option. With sautéing, less is more. The process of sautéing is very simple as it will only require a small amount of liquid (e.g. broth or water) and onions (optional). For more flavor, you can experiment with sautéing using wine, cloves, herbs, and other ingredients.

3. Consume More Probiotics

Finding a good supplement can be a challenge. Some love bone broth protein, from a company like Ancient Nutrition. Another popular product in the health business is super green powder.

The main objective of the powder is to boost greens intake. The powders can be added to smoothies, juice, or even water. This particular powder typically consists of ingredients like organic oat grass juice, organic alfalfa grass juice, organic beets, organic kale, and much more organic goodness. Some of these powders might also contain things like broccoli powder or spinach powder.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. By making simple modifications to your diet, you can help your body get the nutrients it needs while eliminating the excess sodium, sugars, and other ingredients that it doesn’t.

Written in partnership with Dr. Axe

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