About evōx

evōx provides an integrated entertainment experience that inspires positive changes in the way people live and work. We celebrate the good things about you, your family, your community, and your world. The network delivers a unique blend of evocative HD video programming, online community interaction, and related product shopping, to help people live a better life, grow as individuals, and in so doing, contribute to a better world.

evōx TV: Streaming Television Programming
We bring you original television programming about expanding consciousness and finding deeper meaning in life; delivered online and streamed to your favorite device.
evōx features a wide range of top quality HD video programming, including reality, comedy and drama, as well as talk shows, documentaries and cooking shows. New content is rolled out weekly, created by established producers, independent content creators, and evōx community members themselves.

evōx Store: Sustainable Commerce
The evōx Store is an online marketplace dedicated to promoting sustainable commerce and connecting evōx viewers with goods and services from globally-conscious brands that support their healthy lifestyles. But it’s more than just another online store: it’s a shopping experience that connects people with the companies that market to them, and gives shoppers a real voice.

Product categories include food, personal care, apparel, home and garden and recreation and fitness, plus others. The evōx retail team reviews each vendor’s specifications, full sourcing and the product lifecycle of every item for alignment with evōx’s standards and values of sustainability, fair trade and social responsibility.

evōx Social Community: a ListeningEcosystem℠
evōx is an environment that fosters exploration, self-discovery, and interaction with others: people to learn from, respond to, and be inspired by, to live a better life in a better world. The evōx platform features original blogger content, virtual hangouts, community forums, meet-ups, surveys, comments and posts, to encourage participation at whatever level community members are comfortable with.

By also engaging directly with brands and manufacturers, evōx has created a ListeningEcosystem℠ that provides a direct way for people and brands to communicate and connect, to genuinely hear what consumers like and dislike, what they want and what they don’t, through the evōx social platform.

So, whether you’re focused on health, wellness, global and social issues, food, wine, travel, community projects, or more conscious consumerism, you’ll find it at evōx. We’re the next evolution in entertainment.

About the evōx Team

The evōx team is a group of individuals with expertise across television, technology, e-commerce, health and wellness, and a collective interest in inspiring, entertaining, informing, and connecting people. evōx was created around a common purpose of wanting to help people simply live better, and the belief that in so doing, the world will be a better place to live in.

Our Core Values

Inherent Goodness. We fundamentally believe that people are good, if not great. We will always strive to show the best aspects of our mutual humanity.

Cultural Evolution. We believe that we cannot authentically provide a television, retail and social community unless we consistently develop our corporate culture and inculcate our core values.

Absolute Integrity. No matter what the circumstances, we will always act with integrity, honor, gratitude and joy. And, should we forget, we will listen to our loyal community to remind us of our promise.

Mutual Co-operation. We exist to elevate the stature, vision and mission of organizations who inspire people, organizations and institutions to be the best of humanity and what is possible in being alive.

Sustainable Profitability. We are committed to prosper as a business, have a thriving passionate and visionary culture and pave the way for a world that is sustainable, extraordinarily happy and honors the integrity of the human spirit.

Constant Learning. We are on a mission of continual exploration. We do not know, nor will provide answers. We will provide rich experiences for people to explore their lives, but we trust our audience, fans, partners, vendors, staff and community to know what’s “right” for themselves.

Responsible Citizenry. We promise to be a “for good, for profit” organization helping and supporting other entrepreneurs and businesses to be profitable, successful and powerful in causing a change in the world that lets all people experience the joy of being alive.

Accountable Leadership. We promise to shut the doors, fire the staff, and oust the CEO or other executives who do not provide leadership or demonstrate the courage to lead global shifts.

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