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crowded shelves full of books
03/06/2015 Armando Torres What do The Scarlet Letter, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and my Introduction to Microeconomics textbook all have in common?... read more


03/03/2015 Evox Television Get in on the sister act, featuring Alex Curry. Watch Alex & Megan Curry as they show you how fun and easy it is to make... read more


schedule of a day on easel
03/06/2015 Johnny Nasello I know that you’re too busy to fit in your workouts! I hear it all the time, and I hear it from everybody. I hear it from... read more


12/04/2014 Anonymous (not verified) Dr. Laura Basha's new series on evox will feature interviews with creative people speaking from various perspectives. Guests... read more


illustrated red and white calendar on black background
03/01/2015 Lynell Green “2015! This is the year that I create and keep my financial goals. This is the year I save a percentage of everythi... read more


black ram with large horns
02/19/2015 Andrew Mersmann In the Chinese-based lunar horoscope, today is the day that marks the new year, the Year of the Sheep (or Ram or Goat... read more